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Things That Didn't Really Happen to Me

111121: He followed me everywhere, even into the digital sphere.

101121: Held me under the blanket and put his lips to mine in an unexpected act of intimacy. Never get to feel like this anymore.

091121: Saw the face of someone whose face I have never seen before.

Some night in August 2021: Saw an old friend down at the harbour. We walked through the streets of Dublin and my bag was almost stolen, but I beat the thief away. Busy, busy streets. I missed him more than I thought I did.

230721: I wanted to meet with a friend I hadn't seen in some time. We were going to meet in an O'Briens coffee shop, of all places, but on the way in to the coffee shop I met two other old friends. One was the girl I was in love with, the other a girl who holds a deep contempt for me and whose name I find difficult to hear. I couldn't look at the second girl, but I was shocked to see that the first was thrilled to see me. She invited me to sit down with the two of them at a table, and I did. I don't know what happened to my friend, but I have a vague memory of seeing him at some point.

230721: I found myself in a school made of towering, twisting trees, in which a market was being held. A woman guided the group of us up and through the building, allowing us to stop in every room and examine the goods for sale. At the top floor was a huge, winding bookcase that I couldn't tear myself away from. A girl I knew was looking at beautiful pieces of jewellery. The end of the day came, the final day of school, and I kissed a girl I didn't particularly have any feelings for, before running away to find my friends. I didn't find them, but found another, old friend whom I had neglected my friendship with. We strolled down the street and I forgot I wanted to see my newer friends.

200721: Built a house with a number of old friends. It nearly went up in flames, which makes me think of the relationships I had with them that really did go up in flames. We took a short coffee break, sitting in the newly-built living room. I stood in front of her, the girl I was in love with, and we laughed like old times. Everything was okay.

180721: Had a coffee at 21:36 and worried I wouldn't be able to sleep. Woke up soon after.

170721: Horrible horrible things. Depraved & perverted. No plans for further elaboration, I hope I can forget this particular dream.

160721: Things happened in three stages. I lay in bed with an Other on either side of me when two small creatures began to terrorise us. I dealt with them swiftly. The two creatures reappeared bigger and stronger, but I dealt with them once again, although not quite as swiftly. The third time I deliberately reawoke them, only to realise that I had woken a large beast with a red-hot blade for a tail. I ran from the room, down the stairs, past my parents sitting completely unaware of what was happening upstairs and watching television in the living room, and out the door. The Outside was dark and entirely flooded, as if my house was built at the bottom of the ocean. I tried to swim upwards, but the weight of the water was too much to fight against, so I began scaling the walls of my house. It now looked like a cathedral of sorts with a tall, pointy roof and a plethora of decoration. I could see the beast through the windows and was struggling to breathe, but I managed with great force to press a heavy, stone button at the top of the house. Everything was alright again as the beast disappeared and the water began to drain. I let myself drift back to the ground. I couldn't tell my parents what had happened.